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Apartaments Turístics Prat de les Mines

If you want to know our availability, our special offers and promotions, or simply request a quote, call us at +376 635 005 or contact us via email at info@edificipratdelesmines.com




Apartaments turístics Prat de les Mines are located in the village of Llorts (1.450m altitude), just in front of the Iron Mine of Llorts, one of the most visited tourist attractions of Andorra.



Apartaments turístics Prat de les Mines are ideal to enjoy of your holidays, where you can breath freedom and the autonomy as if you where in to your own house.


Free WiFi

In our facilities we have free WiFi for our users and customers.

Call us: +376 635 005

or send us an email at: info@edificipratdelesmines.com

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